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Long-Term Economic Statistics

Long-Term Economic Statistics (LTES) Database (Japan)

Database of the "Long-Term Economic Statistics" (Kazushi Ohkawa, Miyohei Shinohara, and Mataji Umemura, Toyo Keizai Shinposha, Inc., 1965-1988) which are a systematic collection of estimated and processed historical statistics of early modern Japan on economic activities in various fields based on the System of National Accounts.
Some of the Excel files are still being prepared and will be made available as soon as they are done.

National Income
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Labor Force
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Capital Stock
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Capital Formation
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Savings and Currency
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Personal Consumption Expenditures
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Government Expenditure
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Agriculture and Forestry
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Mining and Manufacturing
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Railroads and Electric Utilities
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Regional Economic Statistics
Foreign Trade and Balance of Payments
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Database on Gross Prefectural Product in Prewar Japan

Database of gross prefectural product in prewar Japan estimated by Tangjun Yuan, Tokihiko Settsu, Jean-Pascal Bassino, and Kyoji Fukao. A description of the estimation method and analyses using the database (in Japanese) are provided in "Gross Prefectural Product and Industrial Structure in Prewar Japan" (Keizai Kenkyu [The Economic Review], Vol. 60, No. 2, April 2009).

A description in English of the estimation method and analyses using the data, including various revisions and refinements, is provided in Jean-Pascal Bassino, Kyoji Fukao, Ralph Paprzycki, Tokihiko Settsu, and Tangjun Yuan, "Regional Inequality and Industrial Structures in Pre-War Japan: Analysis Based on New Prefectural GDP Estimates," Global COE Hi-Stat Discussion Paper No. 138 (May 2010). The G-COE Hi-Stat program re-estimated long-term economic statistics for Japan as part of the Asian Historical Statistics (ASHSTAT) Project, and this dataset forms part of the outcome.

Revised Version of the Database on Gross Prefectural Product in Prewar Japan

The database was revised and further analyses using the database were conducted in various follow-up studies, including Tokihiko Settsu, Jean-Pascal Bassino, and Kyoji Fukao, "Revisiting Economic Growth in Meiji Japan: Industrial Structure, Labour Productivity and Regional Inequality" (Keizai Kenkyu [The Economic Review], Vol. 67, No. 3, July 2016; in Japanese) and Jean-Pascal Bassino, Kyoji Fukao and Tokihiko Settsu, "Regional Industrialization in Japan," in Bas van Leeuwen, Robin C. M. Philips, and Erik Buyst, eds., An Economic History of Regional Industrialization (Routledge, 2021). For a detailed outline of the estimation method, see Appendix 2 in Kyoji Fukao, Jean-Pascal Bassino, Tatsuji Makino, Ralph Paprzycki, Tokihiko Settsu, Masanori Takashima, and Joji Tokui, Regional Inequality and Industrial Structure in Japan: 1874-2008 (Maruzen, 2015), which uses the previous version of this dataset.

Asian Historical Statistics (AHSTAT) (All 12 Volumes)

Historical economic statistics compiled by the Asian Historical Statistics Project to examine the economic development of Asian countries from around the start of the 20th century to the present, focusing on estimates of historical GDP statistics.
The individual volumes of the series are in the process of being successively published by Toyo Keizai Shinposha, Inc., under the general editorship of Konosuke Odaka, Osamu Saito, and Kyoji Fukao.

Taiwan (Published December 2008)
Trade statistics
Vietnam (To be published December 2023)
China (Published July 2014)
Trade statistics
Korea (Published November 2019)
"Russian Documents on the North Korean Economy": Source Documents for the Asian Historical Statistics
Thailand (To be published December 2023)
India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh
Philippines (To be published 2024)
Indonesia (To be published 2023)
Turkey and Egypt (To be published 2023)
Russia (Published August 2020)
Central Asia (To be published 2023)
Agricultural statistics by prefecture, 1883 - 1940.