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Institute of Economic Research, Hitotsubashi University

Major databases maintained by the RIEB, Kobe University

The following are the major databases maintained by the Research Institute for Economics and Business Administration, Kobe University, which is linked to the IER.

Early Modern Database (Database of Japan's Early Modern Economy)


The Early Modern Database consists of data extracted from records of the Mitsui family. Spanning the period from the mid-18th century to early years of the Meiji period, it provides daily information on rice prices in Osaka, the exchange rate between gold and silver, and the weather, as well as information on events that are likely to have affected the economy at the time, such as the reminting of currency, disasters, etc.

Newspaper Clippings Collection (RIEB, Kobe University)


The Newspaper Clippings Collection holds newspaper clipping from the end of the Meiji period to 1970. Of these, about 2,500 clipping albums with approximately 360,000 articles are being digitized and made available in a searchable format.

Archival Collection of Kanebo Co. Ltd. (donated to Kobe University)


The Archival Collection of Kanebo Co. Ltd. contains about 6,500 business documents of Kanebo Co. Ltd. spanning the period from 1886 to the 1990s. A full list of documents as well as digital scans of some documents are available. The archive provides a rare collection of documents that provide extensive insights into the management of the firm before and after World War II, including a wealth of documents showing the internal decision-making process as exemplified by "circulars," which record how decisions were reached via documents circulated among employees.